Partner and Principal

Amy M. Mara

Amy is a principal of the firm, having joined Laura in partnership in November 2020.  Having worked together previously, Amy and Laura have always shared a common vision and goal for what the practice of law should look like – not just for them as attorneys, but more importantly, for the clients they serve.  No matter which client she is serving, Amy’s primary focus continues to be on building her practice based on solid relationships with her clients, rooted in trust and sound guidance, so that she and the client, together, can achieve the best results possible.


Counselor and Trusted Advisor

Amy’s practice includes counseling small- to medium-sized businesses on various corporate and employment issues, as well as litigating business, employment, construction, and real property disputes for her clients.  She has extensive experience representing both individuals and entities in her capacity as a trusted legal advisor, and Amy has assisted clients in strategic planning and transactional matters, such as partnership and business entity disputes, formations, and dissolutions as well as guiding individual clients through foreclosure and financial distress matters.

Serving New York & New Jersey

Amy advocates on behalf of her clients in New York and New Jersey state and federal courts, including appellate courts.  With more than seven years of litigation experience, Amy handles litigation matters from inception through trial and appeal.  She has also resolved various disputes through mediation and assists clients in considering whether an alternate resolution method is more practical given their financial and legal circumstances.