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How Can We Serve Your Business?

Welcome to September! We cannot believe how quickly the year is going and that Catina & Mara, PLLC will soon be celebrating its first anniversary! Over the past year, we have really focused on how we can best serve our clients, including our small business clients. Over the years, we have both represented small businesses in many capacities, including outside general counsel and litigation counsel, and we are thankful for each and every business that we are able to serve. With our background as both corporate counsel and litigation counsel, we are able to service our business clients in whatever capacity they might need us.

As a business owner, have you ever had an issue come up, or a question arise, where you thought to yourself, “I really need to speak with an attorney about this issue.” With our business clients, whenever they have a question about an issue with an employee, or a dispute with a customer, or a policy that they want to implement but need to talk through, they can call us. This is the relationship that we strive to develop - one where our clients are comfortable calling us on any issue they feel they want to discuss with us. This is also why, once we establish a relationship with a client, we do not believe in charging clients for phone calls - an attorney that I worked for many years ago, and who I respected tremendously, always said, you cannot charge clients for the time they spend speaking with you on the phone because then they will avoid calling you! I have carried this philosophy through my career to this day. To date, I personally have never had a client take advantage of this and they are always appreciative and respectful of our time. It has gone a long way in developing and sustaining the relationships we have with our clients.

We handle everything from litigation, to transactional, to employment matters for our business clients. With many years as litigators, both Amy and I have dealt with a variety of business disputes, which helps us guide our clients in a general counsel capacity. We work with small to medium size businesses on matters including the following:

  • Business formation and review of corporate structure

  • Draft employee handbooks and corporate policy on risk management

  • Draft employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements and non-competition agreements

  • Draft, review and negotiate commercial contracts

  • Advise regarding day to day operational issues

  • Devise the best legal means to implement business goals

  • Counsel officers and directors on fiduciary duties

  • Regular meetings to keep clients updated and lines of communication open

  • Trademark and other intellectual property protection

  • Defend and/or prosecute all claims involving the corporate entity

  • Maintain corporate records and corporate governance documentation

  • Partnership and shareholder disputes

As business owners ourselves, we are familiar with the issues business owners face on a daily basis. We also understand how incredibly important it is to take the measures necessary to protect your business. We handle the legal issues so our clients can get back to doing what they do best - running their business! If you are a business owner and think that your business would benefit from an ongoing relationship with an attorney, reach out to us. Let us know how we can serve your business!


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