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Meet Laura Catina

Updated: Mar 31

Welcome to our Insights page where we will be sharing blog posts and information that we hope will be helpful for our existing and potential clients! Before Amy and I start sharing content here, we wanted to introduce ourselves so you can get to know a little about each of us. We have been working together since 2008, with a break of almost a year in 2019/20. In 2020, we joined forces again to form Catina & Mara, PLLC, and are so excited to be making our goals a reality together.

I have been practicing law for almost 20 years and spent most of my career in a traditional law firm setting. I navigated my way through working for a few different law firms, while having 3 babies within 3 years, and juggling all that comes with being a full time working mom. It has been extremely challenging, but I made it work. My kids are now 11, 9 and 8 and I find myself entering a new stage with each of them, while building a law firm with Amy, and dealing with all of the new challenges we face in our new structure. However, I find myself in the most exciting time of my career thus far and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

I have spent my career as a litigator working with small to medium size businesses and handling a variety of corporate, commercial and employment litigation matters. Over the years I have really enjoyed the relationships I have developed with my business clients, which has developed into a corporate counseling role, as well, with many of them. I enjoy getting to know the ins and outs of their businesses and being someone that they can call on whenever they need assistance, whether it is assistance with drafting or negotiating a contract, or handling an issue with an employee. I look forward to continuing to develop this area of my practice and hope to expand my practice by working with companies that not only operate in New York, but who operate exclusively as e-commerce companies, as well. As small business owners ourselves, Amy and I deal with a number of the issues in our own business that our clients are dealing with, so we enjoy being able to use our own business experience, combined with our legal knowledge, to help our clients to navigate the numerous issues they can face on a daily basis.

I look forward to continuing to develop our Insights page, sharing more with you about what we do, and connecting with you!

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